Although there are multiple considerations to be made when purchasing a tent, in the end the final choice may be based simply on budget and then on a preference for a particular brand. As with most products, tents have a wide range of specialist brands that you can choose from.

One of the main things that the prices reflect is the number of people that the tent can hold comfortably. It makes sense if you are going to be camping with a family of four children, for instance, to buy a fairly large tent, allowing room for all four of you plus extra storage space for your clothes. By doing so, you ensure that the kids can not only sleep comfortably but so can you! Uncomfortable night’s sleep whilst sharing a tent with your children is not a scenario you would want to repeat.

Inspect the quality of the poles and the fabric of the tent, and look for additions such as flysheets as this will increase the tent’s waterproofing considerably. Subtractive frames and components such as electronic CCTV that are associated with higher quality tents will have a negative effect on their waterproofing.

Bear in mind when purchasing that the tent you buy should be the one that best suits your traveling or camping experience. If you have a favorite brand then pre-ordering your new tent may be a great way of finding the best. However, if you are happy with your budget then why not take advantage of other great offers on the internet. Typically the internet offers tents priced up to half of the cost of a similar quality product from a local retailer. This is certainly a better price than you would receiving from a local retailer.

It is with this in mind that that you should decide on your color options. If you have a favorite family tent brand then you should see their colors and patterns emerge. In reality, not all tent brands are equal. You will see a range of hues and colours that might catch your eye. But which one wins you over? It’s your decision.

When it comes to your tent the overall idea is to keep it simple. It is not the end of the world if you have a boring grey tent. But as with most things the more you can cut back on the number of poles the easier it is to construct your tent. Simple dome tents are usually much cheaper, keeping both you and your pocketbooks intact. Dome tents are wilderness tents that offer a small amount of room for simple shelter while cutting back on overall weight and components.

Obviously, flooring and sleeping cones are a bit more complicated. Most will have an external pole hair cone to arch the tent up to the chosen height. This is probably the most vital part of your tent. replicate this in each of the corners of the tent, on the rafters, and along the floor. It is unbelievably arduous to correctly attach every last screw to every last pole. It is worth putting the effort into doing this if you want to have a safe and comfortable camping trip, but it is not a lifesaver. If you simply must use a canvas tent it will be quicker and easier.

I have outlined above some of the basic parts of a tent. However, there are some finer points which you should pay attention to. Unique features to a tent are the addition of a groundsheet and the presence of a fly. Be sure to check out the fly of your prospective tent. It should extend beyond the floor halfway up the side of the tent and extend to the doors. Canvas bell tents do not usually have a fly, and for this reason, you will have to neurotically Claus out the fly once you open the front door of your tent to access the inner compartments.

The entrance way will usually be the last refuge for bad weather and the entrance way windpipes will be the most vulnerable areas of the tent. Make sure that the gray PVC pipe is protected with a piece of heavy duty tape and an studio tent will protect you back there. The door way should come repainted gray and be protected with the same heavy duty tape, but allow ventilation in through the windows. I would rather stick with a more premium tent no matter what but I have learned over the years to be careful about the gray areas. I have seen so many cases of tents in bad condition where the vent window is not protected and has been shot or broken.

Canvas is a type of polyester that has been specially treated to be waterproof, UV protects, mildew resistant, and rot proof. Polyester is not the greatest at beating the elements but it is ideal for the time being. Canvas rain shirts and vests are a must to stay dry. If exposed to wet conditions and/ or snow blocking the water flow from going through the floor of the tent, the water will simply run straight through it.

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